Why hire an event planner?

An experienced event planner will save you time and money! At Cope & Co. Events, we will help you prioritize your vendors, get your budget in order, provide excellent vendor referrals, accompany you to vendor meetings (knowing the questions to ask), review vendor contracts, and negotiate on your behalf.

What event services do you offer?

We offer everything from day-of event coordination to partial planning or full event design and coordination. Styling and decorating for special holidays, events or photo shoots is also a specialty. We customize every proposal to fit your needs and budget.

What is the timeline for planning a wedding or corporate event?

We recommend starting the event planning process anywhere from 6-12 months pre-event, though we can work our magic with a shorter timeline.

What is event design?

Event design is the process of curating the perfect experience for your event and attendees. This includes choosing the right décor and color scheme keeping in mind details such centerpieces, tables, chairs, staging, linens, lounge furniture, china, and entertainment. Great event design leaves a lasting impression and memorable personal experience for your guests.

Why hire an event designer?

Hiring an event designer is the best way to make sure that the various elements of your event work together to create a unified and intentional theme. We start by mood boarding every design followed by layouts of the venue with recommendations of vendors and artists. We curate every event from scratch with the intention of creating something completely special for every client.

What is the difference between event design and event planning?

Event design is all about finding the right mix of aesthetic elements to bring your event to life. Event planners handle the logistical elements of your event, including everything from guest lists, catering timelines, parking, and overall budget management.

We already hired a rental company coordinator, why should we hire your team?

A rental company coordinator/designer is responsible for any rentals you decide to use through that specific company. They will push their rentals and only their rentals while also charging up to a 10% service fee for managing any other rentals used outside of that specific company. For some, this could look like a $10k+ fee for managing tent setup or to flip a room from pre to post ceremony.  Let us save you the headache by managing ALL vendors, including multiple rental companies. Our team will move furniture, lighting, floral, etc. during any portion of the evening without charging a $200 service charge for picking up a table (really!). We will be your friend and advocate throughout the planning process making sure every part of your event runs as smoothly as possible.